A Deep Spiritual Book, a Metaphysical Journey, Delighting the Soul in an Exploration of Intuition

Casual is Causal

Driving home from a conference, I casually mentioned to a friend, "I'm ready for an angel to come for my white wicker furniture." I was making a geographic move in a week and had already sold many items. The only major item left to sell was my white wicker furniture.

When I returned to my home, there was a message on the answering machine from a woman saying she was interested in buying a small television for her son. She wanted to come look at the one that I had advertised.

We arranged a time, and while she was looking at the television, she spotted the white wicker furniture. She immediately expressed an interest in buying it.

We arrived at a price, and she said her husband would return at five o'clock with a truck. I agreed and she left.

A few minutes after five o'clock, the doorbell rang. When I opened the door, a man introduced himself to me. "My name is Angel," he said. "I've come for the furniture." Feeling amazed but appearing calm, I said, "Yes, of course, please come in."

In a flash of awareness, I recalled my comment to my friend the day before. After loading the furniture on his truck, Angel presented me with a check, saying, "And this check is good."

I answered, "I'm sure it is!" The check has his name, Angel, on it and was beautifully decorated with small cherubs.

When I think of this event, I am reminded that any thought I think-expressed or unexpressed, however casual--is indeed causal to my experience.

* * *


Catch of the Day

As I walked along the shore, I watched the crews of several fishing boats lower their nets into the sea. With anticipation and expectancy, they began fishing for their catch of the day.

When fishermen pull in the nets at the end of their day, they evaluate the catch, keep what is of value, and discard the leftovers. The seagulls know this and follow closely.

We, too, cast our nets upon the living waters to bring in our catch of the day. The sea of unformed substance surrounds us at all times. Our net is our consciousness --our thought and feeling atmosphere.

What we draw to ourselves is the effect of this atmosphere. We can look at our catch and decide what we want to sustain and what we want to change. We do this by changing our prevailing thoughts and feelings.

The more we objectively evaluate the effects, the more peacefully and intelligently we set new causes. We can then cast new nets of consciousness upon the living waters and draw to us a new catch of the day.

* * *

For many years, I have felt the Divine Nudges of Spirit leading me to publish my writings. This book is my first response to those promptings.

The major portion of this material was written as a Science of Mind 400 class project in 1990 and has been lying dormant in an office closet until now. In an "aha" moment, I became aware that most of the material for my first book had already been written. I had only to take action in bringing it forth. I am reminded of the quote attributed to Jesus the Christ found in the Gospel of Thomas:

"If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you."

It took my awareness, decision, and willingness to allow Spirit to move through me to bring forth what is within me. It is my intent that you, the reader, gain inspiration for your life as you become increasingly aware of the Divine Nudges of Spirit expressing in, as, and through you.

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